Closing the Welcome Mat?

‘South of the Border Down Mexico Way’

By Harry M. Covert

         Can there be any doubt the matter of illegal aliens, now described as undocumented people, continues to exacerbate and befuddle governments all over the place?

            The awful situation “south of the border down Mexico way” is gaining by leaps and bounds. The men and women policing and patrolling the borders have the toughest and thankless jobs; there’s no relief in sight.

Government agencies are looking for accommodations to house the young children and older ones.  Searching involves any available facilities in all states, including Virginia, Maryland and elsewhere in the Middle Atlantic, and along the Eastern seaboard.

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Just another Day in Jail

Benghazi Tragedy Now U.S. Territory

Ahmed Abu Khatallah’s New Home

By Harry M. Covert

A L E X A N D R I A, Va.

Once again, the William G. Truesdale Detention Center in Alexandria provides the best housing and security for another alleged international terrorist. The word alleged must be used here in fairness before a federal court criminal trial steals all the headlines.

From the moment Ahmed Abu Khatallah was grabbed, I mean captured, by military commandos in Libya on the night of June 15-16, there was little or no doubt the 43-year-old would find a new home on Mill Road, Alexandria.

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Miss Martin and Lou Gehrig

Doppleganger, The Iliad. The Iron Man

Eeling in East Harlem

By Harry M. Covert

N E W P O R T  N E W S, V a.

Usually on Thursdays in the spring, Miss Martin read Homer’s Iliad to her sixth graders at John W. Daniel School. The windows were raised and we little tykes hoped a breeze would flow through the room. We didn’t have air conditioning in 1950.

Miss Martin favored white tee-shirts all the time and looked exactly like Benjamin Franklin. No kidding. When I look at a $100 bill today, I see her staring right at me.… Read More

The World is Still a Mess

Is America’s Way the Only Way?


By Harry M. Covert

            The idea that every nation and peoples of the world should be like the United States has gotten out of hand a bit. It is unnerving the nation’s able diplomats and military men and women should try to enforce such nation building. This is somewhat foolhardy.

            There is a dissimilarity to expect those around the globe to be like us. This may well not be popular but it is indeed a fact. Some can say this is blasphemous whether we like it or not.

            It is surely a shame that those in the Third World – specifically the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and some Asian countries – have a hard time adjusting to an American way of life.… Read More

Revisiting the Old, Old Story; Soccer, Football and Voting

America’s Trillions Make No Difference

The Tragedy in Mesopotamia Continues

By Harry M. Covert

The tragedy in Iraq involving Iran and probably Syria should be of great concern to Christians of all persuasions.

In the simplest of terms the horrific killings, invasions of previous territories and unseeing allies the warfare is going to continue, no matter what international help arrives from the United States, England and others.

Expenses in the trillions of dollars from America’s government make no difference to the religious factions such as the Sunnis and Shiites. No question that eliminating Saddam Hussein was a good thing but, dear friends, nothing has changed except more fighting.

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‘Nattering Nabobs’ Still Around Big Time

Bowe Bergdahl’s Continuing Sad Saga

Time to Look At Army’s 15-6 Report


By Harry M. Covert

The way I hear it is this. When a soldier walks away from his post, the army has rules and regulations and investigators who immediately jump into action to determine the facts. That is before any adjudication gets under way.

          There is a thing called a 15-6 investigation under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). A commander usually assigns another officer to promptly look into the matter. Is it AWOL (absence without leave), desertion or a traitorous act?

          Let’s further the conversation about rescued Bowe Bergdahl, private but now sergeant, who walked away from his post in that god-awful place Afghanistan.

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